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Trainer – Rohit Raj ( CEO )
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The Certified Digital Forensic Investigator (CDFI) course is a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct in-depth investigations into digital evidence and cybercrimes. This course combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercises to provide participants with hands-on experience in the field of digital forensics.

During the CDFI course, participants will learn the methodologies, tools, and techniques employed in digital forensic investigations. They will gain a deep understanding of the digital forensic process, evidence acquisition and preservation, analysis and interpretation of digital artifacts, and reporting of findings in a legally admissible manner. The course focuses on both technical skills and the legal and ethical considerations that underpin digital forensic investigations.

The content has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. All practices demos are performed on my own devices or networks, Infinity-Hacks are not responsible for any type of action. all live classes are for informational and educational purposes only. We believe that ethical hacking, information security, and cyber security should be familiar subjects to anyone using digital information and computers. We believe that it is impossible to defend yourself from hackers without knowing how hacking is done. all live classes are provided ( ). Is only for those who are interested to learn about ethical hacking, cyber security, penetration testing, and malware analysis. Hacking tutorials are against the misuse of information and we strongly suggest against it. Please regard the word hacking as ethical hacking or penetration testing every time this word is used.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The Certified Digital Forensic Investigator (CDFI) course prepares individuals for careers in digital forensics, incident response, law enforcement, and cybersecurity. Upon completion of the course, participants will possess the expertise and practical skills needed to conduct digital forensic investigations, uncover digital evidence, and contribute to legal proceedings related to cybercrimes.

Course Content


  • 1. Computer Forensics In Today ‘ s World
  • 2. Computer Forensics Investigation Process
  • 3. Understanding Hard Disks And File Systems
  • 4. Data Acquisition And Duplication
  • 5. Defeating Anti-Forensics Techniques
  • 6. Windows Forensics
  • 7. Linux And Mac Forensics
  • 8. Network Forensics
  • 9. Investigating Web Attacks
  • 10. Dark Web Forensics
  • 11. Image Forensic
  • 12. Video Forensics
  • 13. CCTV Footage Forensic
  • 14. Compromise System Forensic
  • 15. Internal Or External Data Storage Device File Recovery
  • 16. Bad Sector Repair Or File Data Recovery
  • 17. Incident Response
  • 18. Ram Memory Analysis
  • 19. Make Clones Of Any Device Or Operating System
  • 20. Cloud Forensics
  • 21. Investigating Email Crimes
  • 22. Malware Forensics
  • 23. Mobile Forensics
  • 24. Android Phone Data Recovery (Format Factory Reset, Deleted, Wipeoutdata, Cloud Erase E.T.C.)
  • 25. Hardware Device Forensic
  • 26. Web browser Forensic Like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, E.T.C.)
  • 27. Making Of Digital Forensic Report After Investigation. 28. Conclusion

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